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Blackberry removal can be a very daunting and at times an overwhelming task. 

Let the professionals do it!

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Blackberries reproduce in a variety of ways; from shoots that bend down to the soil and attach new roots defined as crown regrowth, from underground shoots called rhizomes, and from seeds that germinate in both Spring and Fall. This makes them vigorous growers and it should come as no surprise that these plants are so persistent when you factor in their thorns, their 25 year life-span, and their massive gnarly roots. Considering all of the above removing blackberry bushes can seem like an impossible task or even a dream, but with our knowledge, experience, and persistence we achieve success where others fail. 


TreeMedics LLC offers the best blackberry removal service in Tualatin, Oregon.

We're looking forward to working with you!

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To properly eradicate blackberries we use commercial grade clippers to cut back vines and canes to about 6 inches to a foot above grade level.  Using commercial grade clippers that have been sterilized and sharpened allows the smoothest and best access for our all natural herbicide to enter the plant allowing for the best overall results. 

After all of the initial debris has been removed we pull out manageable small vines by hand or by cultivator, so as to get out as many of the roots we can. Then using a specifically designed root shovel, we dig around the crown of the larger canes and remove as much of the root collar as possible. Finally, we apply our all natural herbicide to the remaining vines and canes.

Tips for you DIYER’S:

Blackberry bushes subjected to environmental stressors such as drought will not transport sugars properly. Consequently, topical herbicides are rendered ineffective in such situations. If you’re going to use horticultural vinegar or herbicides, mix in the concentration recommended by the manufacturer. Stronger concentrations do not eradicate the plant faster or make the product work better.

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