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We know your property is an important investment, which is why we are here to help you achieve your vision for your surroundings.  TreeMedics Tree Service has the solution to fix that for you and relieve you from the hassle!

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With over 50 years of combined experience in all phases of tree service, TreeMedics has created an experience unlike any other. A tree removal can be risky and costly if you do not hire a professional. TreeMedics ensures that all tree removals are conducted by qualified arborists. To remove trees, we take care to respect the environment and the trees themselves. By protecting your property and surroundings, we prevent damage from falling branches and debris.  As falling tree trunks can shatter concrete, we also take extra care to avoid major damage to nearby roads.


TreeMedics LLC offers the best tree removal service in Tualatin, Oregon.

We're looking forward to working with you!

A tree can become so familiar in our lives that removing it can be difficult, especially if you think of what your yard would look like without it. There are many benefits to trees in the Pacific Northwest. They provide shade, attract wildlife, and make lovely sounds when it rains. However, a decaying or old tree can cause more harm than good, and sometimes you shouldn't keep it. Taking down a tree isn't always an easy decision. It is not easy to tell whether a tree should be removed or not for many property owners. 

Here are some common reason you may decide to remove a tree.


We prefer trimming over removing to promote a great view, but there are times when removal is the only option.


It's obvious why you would want to remove a dead tree, however if you leave it as a snag it could become natural habitat.


It is sometimes necessary to remove a tree due to rot or disease in order to prevent a catastrophic failure.


Occasionally, roots grow into and break sewer or water lines, or cause sidewalk sections to rise. A sewer line scope or real estate inspection may reveal this, requiring the removal of the problematic tree(s).


Light and space are essential for plants to grow. When necessary, we remove trees to provide ideal conditions which allow for other plants and trees to thrive.

It is important to maintain a sufficient clearance between trees and power/communication lines to prevent issues, especially during heavy weather. Moreover, it's important that this is done in a safe manner to prevent damage or injury, which is where our tree service team can help. Tree trimming often resolves the issue, but sometimes it's necessary to remove the tree.

Despite the fact that every customer's situation is different, there are a few options for tree removal we commonly offer.


Basic - Tree Removal Service

A basic tree removal involves bringing a tree to the ground, removing limbs, and cutting larger-diameter logs into 16 to 18 inch lengths for firewood that will be left on site. We can remove the wood for an additional cost or we can leave the larger diameter logs at longer lengths, which you can cut down to firewood size.

Get 'er Down - Tree Removal

A get 'er down tree removal involves taking the tree down in one or more pieces. No cleanup, firewood cutting, or limb removal is involved. It is the least expensive option and is ideal for budget-conscious property owners who have the capability of cutting and cleaning up the mess on their own.

Low-Impact - Tree Removal

It is possible to fell trees when there is ample space, but tree removal with low impact is necessary when there are features underneath the tree that must be preserved, such as manicured lawns, sidewalks, and valuable plants. This procedure involves cutting and lowering tree parts in manageable pieces to the ground without causing any damage.

Fallen - Tree Removal

The abundance of trees in the Northwest is one of the great things about living here. It has the drawback of being unexpectedly difficult to deal with trees and limbs that fall unexpectedly. We are happy to assist you in removing a fallen tree or branch that poses no immediate threat to your property or loved ones.

Whenever a tree falls or begins to fail near a structure, time is of the essence to preserve property, possibly the tree and people's safety.

Emergency Tree Removal

It is not always possible to schedule tree removals ahead of time. Due to this, we offer our emergency tree removal service to Portland residents at any time, any day of the year. Some of the situations that commonly require our emergency services include:

  • Trees that have fallen partially

  • Branches showing signs of failure

  • Trees that have already fallen on a structure

  • Failed trees whose tops are suspended by other trees

  • Lightning strikes

  • Ice or wind storms that have compromised the trees integrity or stability

  • Obstacles such as fallen trees that block paths or driveways


Ideally, trees should be removed or trimmed before they become a problem, but sometimes trees and the weather don't cooperate as we hope, and that's when our emergency tree removal services come to the rescue.

Identifying At-Risk Trees

What are the signs that a tree is going to be a problem during a windstorm or freezing rain? While trees that are dead are easy to spot, trees that pose a risk may look healthy at first glance. TreeMedics Tree Service has certified arborists who can identify:

  • Dying

  • Rotting

  • Diseased

  • Being choked out by other plants

  • Failing due to problems in their root systems

  • Have included limbs that can pose a potential hazard

A tree can be saved to some extent if it is caught before it completely dies or falls. You can learn more about our tree trimming services or our vertical mulching page.

Hazardous trees should be removed before they become emergencies

It is our hope to be able to assist as many of our neighbors as possible in identifying and removing risky trees before they become hazardous. If you have any doubt about a tree on your property, give us a call so we can inspect it and at very least provide you with increased peace of mind when the next storm rolls through.

When deciding to hire a tree removal service

It can be a difficult and irreversible decision to cut down a tree. We enjoy our homes and neighborhoods more when there are trees around. They can also cause damage to our homes and infrastructure. It also requires additional funds to maintain a tree over time, so all those additional benefits come at a price. 

What to do if You Have an Emergency Tree Removal Situation?

  1. People should be kept out of harm's way.

  2. In the event of an injury, call 911.

  3. For your insurance company, take pictures of the damage if it is safe to do so. You will want to do this after the tree is gone, as well.

  4. If you have lost service, contact your utility companies.

  5. Call TreeMedics Tree Service. We will assess the situation with you when we arrive and go to work, securing your property.


When should I remove a tree?

The untrained eye finds it hard to determine when a tree needs to be removed. Contact us if you would like a free quote. Whenever there is any doubt as to whether the tree will survive, it is best to consult an independent arborist. 


When I have my tree removed, what should I expect?

ANSI and ISA certified methods will be used by our crew to safely remove your tree. If you want to use it as firewood, we can leave it in 16-18 inch rounds. Branches and other debris from the tree removal will be recycled. We will then organically treat the stump or you can schedule to have a contractor grind the stump.


My tree needs to be removed. Do I need a permit?

Many cities in our area have tree removal ordinances that include trees on your property. Additionally, you might have to replant as part of the process. If you own a commercial property, the answer is definitely YES. We can assist you in obtaining permits and navigating your city's ordinances. If a tree is removed without a permit, the homeowner and/or the tree service could face thousands of dollars in fines.


Do you have concerns about the tree removal permit process?

Are you unsure what permits or other authorizations may be needed? Many of our services require permits. As an extra service, we can help clients obtain these permits.

A permit may be required in some cases to remove a tree. If you have a tree in need of removal, TreeMedics Tree Service is more than happy to provide you with a free quote.

What options do I have for replanting my tree?

You will need a permit if you are planting a street tree, and your city will have to approve the type and size of the tree. Your options are endless if you are looking for a tree for your yard. Observe what you like and dislike about different trees around you. Using that information, our arborist can suggest a tree that fits your needs and works in your intended location.


My neighbor's tree irritates me. What can I do?

Come to a compromise with your neighbor if you want to resolve this issue. Perhaps you can pay half of the costs or get an arborist's opinion on what should be done with the tree. Regardless of whether the tree overhangs your property or not, you should not attempt to prune or remove it. It could lead to an expensive legal battle, whether it's legal or not (we're not lawyers). As a policy, we do not work where neighbors disagree, but we can often help neighbors reach a compromise.


The tree on my neighbor's property threatens my property. What can I do?

We still recommend you try to resolve the matter with your neighbor if their tree is truly a threat. When your neighbor refuses to work with you, there are a few things you can do to force their hand. By submitting an arborist report on the tree, one can draw the attention of the city to the tree. If necessary, they may order its removal. Alternatively, you can report the tree to their homeowners' insurance company or homeowners association, which may force them to have it removed. Things tend to work out better for all involved in the end, when you can come to an agreement with your neighbor.

Our customers often have difficulty understanding why we recommend the removal of a tree. In general, we don't enjoy cutting down healthy trees, but trees are renewable and can be replanted, and in most cases it is better to remove a tree and replant a new one where it will grow and prosper over the long term than to pursue a band-aid solution that further advances an unsustainable situation. Also, delaying an inevitable removal usually results in higher costs. Some exceptions exist, however, such as very old and significant trees that lose a great deal of their significance in their removal and so it is more preferable to monitor and ease them into their final resting place.


Here's why DIY tree removal isn't a good idea!

Taking down a tree by yourself is tempting. There have been viral videos of hapless homeowners cutting down trees, only to watch them fall in a direction they didn't intend, most often towards their homes. Often, it is carelessness, but sometimes it is well-meaning people who make expensive mistakes. These mistakes can be embarrassing, but the consequences are not.

You can also avoid legal liability if an accident occurs by deferring to a professional arborist. If you cause damage to a neighbor's property, or worse still, injure someone, you are responsible. 

In addition to the skills unique to tree care professionals, homeowners do not likely have specialized equipment. Buying or renting this equipment for a one-time use makes no sense, even if you have the skills to do the job.

Risks are not always easy to identify, so familiarity and expertise almost always trump well-intentioned do-it-yourself ambition. If you have a tree you need removed from your property, give us a call today. TreeMedics have completed jobs from removing the smallest residential trees to hazardous commercial trees. As a full-service tree removal company, we can remove trees of all sizes and in every situation.


Call 503-683-2003 today for a tree removal estimate.


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