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New lawn without the sod cost, you say?

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Over time, lawns become compacted through heavy foot traffic or simply a breakdown in soil components. Either way, soil compaction essentially removes oxygen that roots need to grow and absorb nutrients and water. Ultimately, your lawn suffers and becomes susceptible to secondary issues.  If you're not happy with the way your lawn looks or it feels compacted under your foot, then it may be time for a lawn renovation.


TreeMedics LLC offers the best lawn renovation service in Tualatin, Oregon.

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In essence, Verticutting or also known as vertislicing is the process of removing the thatch buildup that is on the lawn, allowing the turf to breathe better. It allows the grass to absorb nutrients and moisture more efficiently. It does this by ensuring that all the moisture is absorbed by the fresh, young blades of grass instead of the thatch.


In case you don’t already know, thatch is a combination of dead stems and roots that forms between the blades of healthy, young grass. Now, a certain amount of thatch is not only harmless but even necessary for a healthy lawn.


It provides cushioning and reduces compression in high-traffic areas. However, too much thatch can become a big problem for your lawn as it absorbs the air, water, and food that should be going to the younger turf.




  • Excessive weeds

  • Bare spots

  • Reduction in size and number of grass blades

  • Poor response to adequate lawn care

  • Environmental stress and pest problem vulnerability

  • Secondary issues such as insects and disease



Vertislicing is a technique used to assist in revamping your lawns health and appearance. Vertislicing utilizes a machine similar to a lawn mower, except it has many vertical blades as opposed to one horizontal blade. In this process the machine will cut small grooves in the lawn down through the thatch layer allowing seed to drop into the soil. This allows long lines of lawn growth up through the thatch layer. This is the absolute best way to seed in thin and bare areas.




The process of vertislicing can accomplish several simultaneous goals for the foundation of your lawn. 


  • This allows our clay soils to expand and reduce the compaction from traffic and being baked in the sun all summer. 

  • Bare areas appear fuller and healthier

  • Less invasive and more ecofriendly than sodding

  • More cost effective




We first kill any undesirables (i.e. crabgrass or weeds) and of course we do it organically. We then use a vertislicer which slices grooves in the soil creating areas for grass seed to fall. This method is preferred as it provides for the most even seed bed.

After vertislicing, we top dress the lawn with a thin layer of mature compost or leveling soil and soil amendments. Over time, the top dressing benefits the lawn as it builds up the quality of the soil.  For over-seeding, we use a grass mixture that is blended specifically for the Northwest. Thick lawns discourage weeds by crowding them out. 

Tips for you DIYER’S:

 If you’re going to use horticultural vinegar or herbicides, mix in the concentration recommended by the manufacturer. Stronger concentrations do not eradicate the grass or weeds faster or make the product work better. Know what your soil is lacking before adding amendments or you may just make things worse.

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