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The questions below can guide you in deciding whether a simple quote will suffice or if a more detailed consultation is needed.

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What is your primary concern? 

   - If it's the cost of a specific service like removal or pruning, a free quote may suffice.

   - If it involves the overall health of the tree, a consultation is more appropriate.


Do you need expert advice? 

   - If you're seeking specialized knowledge and recommendations, opt for a consultation.


Is a written report needed? 

   - For formal documentation, such as for insurance or property valuation, a consultation is usually required.

Do You have multiple trees that need evaluation? 

   - For assessing multiple trees or an entire property, a comprehensive consultation would offer the most value.


Are you willing to invest in the long-term care of your trees? 

   - If you are interested in long-term health and not just immediate issues, a consultation is the way to go.


Do you suspect disease or pest problems? 

   - For diagnostic services, a consultation is generally more thorough.

Are you planning a construction or landscaping project? 

   - If the project might impact your trees, a consultation can provide guidelines for protection.


Are you in a regulatory or permit situation? 

   - Some local laws require a certified arborist's report for activities like tree removal, which would necessitate a consultation.


Do you value the credentials and in-depth knowledge of an arborist? 

    - If you’re looking for highly qualified advice based on experience and certifications, a consultation is your best bet.


By answering these questions, you can better decide between a free quote and a paid consultation for your specific needs.

A free quote typically consists of a brief, approximately 5-minute evaluation aimed at estimating the cost of specific tree services you're interested in, such as tree removal, pruning, or addressing a particular limb overhanging your roof. The arborist's focus during this quick assessment is limited and usually doesn't delve into detailed analysis.


A paid arborist consultation provides a comprehensive review of your trees, encompassing health diagnostics, long-term care plans, and occasionally, a written report. In a consultation, the arborist utilizes their specialized expertise to offer personalized advice.

In summary, a free quote targets pricing for specific services, while a paid consultation aims to provide thorough insights and recommendations for your trees' overall health.


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