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Call TreeMedics Tree Service for all your tree trimming needs. We will dispatch a certified arborist to your door, who will answer all your tree trimming questions and provide a detailed estimate.

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The benefits of trimming go beyond aesthetics. There are also health and structural benefits. For proper tree trimming, it is essential to understand how trees grow and develop. Different types of trees and shrubs have different tendencies both with regard to how they grow and how they fail. We at TreeMedics make sure to keep these things in mind and use proper trimming methods to ensure the health and beauty of your trees.


TreeMedics offers the best tree trimming service.

We're looking forward to working with you!


Our first step will be to provide you with a quote for what we believe will be best for your trees. We may recommend any of the following:


Hazard Pruning

We will identify hazards that need to be mitigated by our team of specialists. The branches that are dead, dying, diseased, and weak should be removed for the health of your trees and to avoid situations that require emergency removal.


The purpose of thinning is to increase the light penetration into the tree, improve air circulation, and reduce the weight, so as to reduce stress on the tree's structure and ensure a healthy environment for the tree and other plants in the area.

Crown Raising

Crown raising involves removing lower branches to allow greater clearance from the ground, which may be required in an area with traffic, or to encourage growth higher up the tree.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction reduces the height of a tree by using proper cuts, which preserves appearance, health, and structure.

View Clearing

View clearing is the selective removal of limbs in the crown in order to allow for a specific view - an excellent alternative to tree topping.


Pollarding is a less common pruning method which involves the removal of all new growth each year. When a tree is pollarded, its height is restricted.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit trees can be pruned using a number of different techniques, each resulting in a different outcome. Professional tree services are advantageous in that they understand how each type of trimming will affect your trees and can adjust their technique accordingly.

Keeping your landscape beautiful, your trees healthy, and people and property safe are the objectives of TreeMedics tree service.


Contact us today to have an arborist assess your trees.


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