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 TreeMedics LLC can support property management companies in maintaining healthy, vibrant landscapes while also promoting environmental stewardship and community well-being.

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Unlocking Property Potential, Enriching Community Living


Property Management Services

By partnering with TreeMedics, property management companies invest in the long-term health and vitality of their landscapes. TreeMedics' expertise in tree care not only enhances property value but also minimizes liabilities and promotes safety.

Our commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions and providing educational resources ensures that property management teams are equipped with the necessary tools to maintain thriving landscapes that contribute to the overall well-being of tenants and communities.


Whether it's securing permits or implementing sustainable practices, TreeMedics' holistic approach to tree care supports property management companies in achieving their goals while fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

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Property management companies often require a range of services to maintain the health and aesthetics of the landscapes they oversee. Here are some services that TreeMedics LLC offers to property management companies.

Tree Pruning and Trimming:

Regular pruning to maintain tree health and promote proper growth. Thinning and shaping to enhance aesthetics and safety. Removal of dead or hazardous branches to mitigate risks.

Tree Preservation Consultation:

Assessment of existing trees on the property for health, stability, and potential risks. Recommendations for tree care strategies to preserve valuable trees and minimize liabilities.

Plant Health Care Programs:

Customized organic plant health care plans to address specific needs of the landscape. Soil analysis and amendments to improve soil health and tree vitality. Pest and disease management using environmentally friendly methods.

Emergency Tree Services:

24/7 emergency response for storm damage, fallen trees, or hazardous situations. Prompt removal of fallen trees and debris to ensure safety and prevent further damage.

Tree Inventory and Management:

Comprehensive tree inventory services to catalog species, sizes, and health conditions of trees on the property. Long-term management plans to prioritize tree care needs and budget effectively.

Consultation and Education:

Training sessions for property management staff on tree care best practices, including proper planting, pruning, and maintenance techniques. Educational materials and resources to raise awareness about the value of trees and sustainable landscape management.

Arborist Reports and Permit Assistance:

Preparation of arborist reports for municipal permit applications, construction projects, or tree removal permits. Guidance and assistance in navigating local regulations and compliance requirements.

Seasonal Maintenance Services:

Seasonal inspections to assess tree health and address any issues proactively.
Mulching, fertilization, and watering services to support tree growth and resilience.


Tree Planting and Transplanting:

Selection and installation of appropriate tree species for the property’s landscape design and environmental conditions. Transplanting services for relocating trees within the property or from one location to another.

Green Infrastructure Consulting:

Design and implementation of green infrastructure solutions, such as rain gardens, bioswales, and urban forests, to enhance property value and sustainability.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Property with TreeMedics At TreeMedics LLC, we understand the importance of maintaining a vibrant and healthy landscape for your properties. With over 35 years of experience as certified arborists and master gardeners, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of property management companies. Enhanced Property Value: Our expert tree care services can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and market value of your properties. Well-maintained trees and landscapes not only attract tenants but also contribute to a positive reputation for your business. Risk Mitigation: Our proactive approach to tree care helps identify and mitigate potential risks, such as falling branches or tree failure, thereby minimizing liabilities and ensuring the safety of residents and visitors. Cost-Effective Solutions: With our customized plant health care programs and long-term management plans, we help property managers optimize their budgets and maximize the lifespan of their trees. Our organic and sustainable practices ensure effective results without harming the environment. Compliance and Permit Assistance: Navigating local regulations and obtaining permits for tree-related activities can be complex. Our team provides expert guidance and assistance in securing necessary permits and ensuring compliance with municipal requirements. Educational Resources: We believe in empowering property management teams with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about tree care. Through training sessions and educational materials, we help raise awareness about the importance of proper tree maintenance and sustainable landscaping practices. Partnering with TreeMedics LLC means investing in the long-term health and vitality of your properties. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your landscapes and create thriving environments for your tenants and communities. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how TreeMedics can benefit your property management company.


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