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Meet James Kinder, a seasoned Master Arboriculturalist with over three decades of experience dedicated to the care and preservation of trees. With a passion for the natural world that began in his youth, James has cultivated his expertise through years of hands-on work and continuous learning in the field of arboriculture.

James's journey into the world of trees started early, fueled by a deep curiosity about the intricate biology and ecological importance of these majestic organisms. His commitment to understanding trees at a fundamental level led him to pursue rigorous training and certifications, including becoming an ISA Certified Arborist, ISA Certified Municipal Arborist, ISA Certified Utility Arborist, Master Gardener and Urban Forester.

Throughout his career, James has championed the cause of tree preservation, emphasizing the vital role that healthy trees play in sustaining our environment and enhancing our quality of life. His approach is rooted in a profound respect for the innate resilience of trees and a belief in the power of organic and natural methods to promote their well-being.

As the founder of Oregon Arborist Association and TreeMedics LLC, James leads a team of dedicated professionals in providing expert tree pruning services and organic plant health care in the Portland metro area. There is a reason why James Kinder is known as the "tree doctor" in Washington County. Through his company, he strives to educate homeowners, businesses, and communities about the importance of proper tree care practices, advocating for intentional planting and pruning to ensure the long-term vitality of our urban forests.

James's commitment to tree rescue and restoration is not just a profession but a calling—a testament to his unwavering dedication to the preservation of our natural heritage. Whether he's advising clients on tree care techniques or sharing his knowledge at local workshops and events, James's passion for trees shines through, inspiring others to join him in nurturing and protecting these vital living treasures.

When he's not tending to trees, James can often be found exploring the great outdoors, drawing inspiration from the beauty and diversity of the natural world. His love for nature fuels his work and reminds him daily of the profound connection between trees, humanity, and the planet we call home.

Join James Kinder on his mission to create healthier, more resilient urban forests—one tree at a time.


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