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How do you clear a tree for a view?

How far should trees be away from power lines?

What is clearance pruning?

How do I get rid of trees for free?

Let's find out!

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During the estimate process for view clearance, an arborist will create a view plan based on your input about how you would like your property to appear and feel. This plan outlines which trees will be removed, which trees will be pruned and how they will be pruned. A skilled arborist's eye is able to see possibilities in this situation because of years of experience.


TreeMedics LLC offers the best tree view clearance pruning service available.

We're looking forward to working with you!


Pruning for View Enhancement

Tree trimming for view enhancement involves pruning trees in a way that enhances your landscape and improves your view when a tree has grown too large to enjoy a magnificent view or has taken over a part of your landscape. Our professionals will preserve the tree's health and structure while clearing an area that has been taken over by the tree.


Pruning for clearance

A lush urban forest is one of the most notable characteristics of the Portland area. We are grateful to live in their company. They shade sidewalks and provide green space. On the road they provide shade from cars and bikes. In urban areas, trees often need clearance pruning, which removes growth that may encroach on structures or areas.


Planting to Avoid Infringement

If you are planting a tree in a specific location, you should take into account the tree's growth habit. Trees with more upright growth habits will require less clearance pruning in the future. When a tree's ultimate canopy height and spread are taken into account when planting, clearance pruning will be less necessary throughout its life.


Clearance Pruning for Structures

A tree or shrub growing too close to a building can rub against gutters, roofs, fences, and siding, causing both structural and plant damage. We recommend selective pruning of small tree growth within 3 feet of a roof, and selective pruning of large tree growth within 10 feet of a roof. Additionally, the increased sunlight to the roof will reduce roof moss growth as well as structural damage from swaying branches. Our arborists are highly skilled in rigging procedures that ensure a safe, controlled lowering of removed branches near structures.


Clearance Pruning for Streets and Sidewalks

Urban forestry departments in many local municipalities set tree canopy clearances to allow pedestrians and traffic to cross streets and sidewalks safely. In Portland, for example, trees have to have a clearance of 7 1/2 feet above sidewalks, 11 feet above residential streets, and 14 feet above arterial streets. Tree branches that hang over streets not only cause traffic hazards but can also be damaged by tall passing vehicles. When clearing over thoroughfares, your tree canopy will be raised by removing low growth using appropriate pruning cuts. Consequently, the risk of traffic accidents is minimized, as is further tree damage from insect or disease infestation caused by a ragged break in the tree.


Clearance Pruning for Other Plants

When trees and shrubs are planted closely together, they compete for the same sunlight, nutrients, and water.  Fast-growing or large plants can outcompete slower-growing or small plants for these resources.  It may be necessary to clearance prune the larger plants to allow sunlight to reach the smaller ones.


When Is Clearance Pruning Not The Best Option

If a tree or shrub is planted too closely to a structure or thoroughfare, no amount of clearance pruning will be able to compensate for the poor location. A tree that is aggressively cleared on one side will compromise aesthetics, and in extreme cases may break and even topple. Unfortunately, removal is often the best choice in these situations.


Best Practices for Clearance Pruning

The frequency of clearance pruning may vary depending on the growth rate of the species and the proximity of the tree to structures, thoroughfares, and other trees. When you contact us for a free estimate, our arborists can offer you suggestions regarding clearance pruning distance and frequency.

A property can be enhanced by pruning and/or removing trees to enhance the view. Vista View Clearance is distinct from view clearance in that it utilizes the trees as part of the view. As a result, the trees frame the view and enhance its appeal, while providing privacy to hilltop homeowners. This method is preferable to topping or clear-cutting all trees that impinge on views.

For homes that have previously had all their trees topped, Vista View Clearance can produce spectacular results over time. Healthy trees, improved views, and a better environment are all benefits of Vista View Clearance.

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