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Is pruning really necessary?

How often should pruning be done?

What month do you prune?

What's the best time of year to trim bushes?

It's both art and science!

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Keeping a property in good shape requires pruning, trimming, and thinning of trees, shrubs, hedges, and bushes. When landscaping, we always strive for a natural appearance for plants that can only be achieved by skillful hand pruning, while hedge trimmers are only used for hedges where customers demand a certain shape.


TreeMedics offers the best hand pruning service.

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The hand pruning we do at TreeMedics is performed by experts with many years of experience in plant pruning. Our company uses proper pruning techniques and tools to cut trees and bushes of all shapes and sizes and we will be happy to talk to you about your specific property needs. It is often overlooked, but aesthetic pruning can elevate your landscape from good to great. No other ongoing maintenance can achieve the same impact.

What does aesthetic pruning involve?

Hand pruning your trees and shrubs allows them to remain in perfect shape while maximizing their natural structures. Depending on how you prune, it can be natural or it can follow a specific style. It is essential to find someone who knows exactly what they are doing and then let them loose.

What is the most challenging aspect of aesthetic pruning? 

It is both a science and an art. Knowledge of tree biology and an eye for a tree’s natural beauty are essential. Few people in Portland are qualified to be called aesthetic pruners, and many of them do only pruning - no lawn mowing, weeding, and so on. Therefore, by hiring TreeMedics, you will be adding another layer of care to your landscape.

Natural forests in the Pacific Northwest are characterized by several canopy layers-from the towering canopy of Douglas firs to low shrubbery including serviceberries and rhododendron, all the way to ground-covering ferns. Several of these shrubs grow to be impressive foundation plantings in Oregon's urban forest, some reaching heights of thirty feet or more.

Pruning shrubs at regular intervals throughout their life promotes a balanced, healthy structure and minimizes breakages, disease, and growth infringement on surrounding plants and buildings. Keeping shrubs and trees in good shape and maximizing their flowering involves proper pruning technique and timing. Our arborists are skilled at carefully hand pruning prized shrubs of every size.


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