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How much does it cost to brace a tree?

Is tree cabling a good idea?

What is bracing in trees?

How do you brace a large tree?

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Braces are threaded rods inserted through weak branches and multiple stems to provide more rigid support against torsional forces caused by violent weather. The installation of structural support systems should only be done after a thorough inspection and evaluation of the tree's structure by a trained arborist.


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The materials and techniques used must conform to published industry standards (American National Standards Institute A-300 Standards). Those who have supplemental structural support systems should contact Tree Medics annually to have the system inspected.


In the absence of proper pruning or training, trees can grow in ways that are harmful to their health and the safety of people and pets around them. A tree with two or more trunks is especially vulnerable to this condition (referred to by arborists as having many leaders or co-dominant stems.) The same goes for trees that have branches growing horizontally or downward. Newly planted trees can become weak-trunked or unstable due to close plantings in the nursery, insufficient root balls, root damage, or planting in shallow holes or compacted soils.


Cables, braces, and staking can provide appropriate remedies for trees with structural deficiencies. When correctly installed and maintained by qualified arborists, these systems can:

  • Limit the possibility of failure of a weak or previously damaged trunk or limb, or a tree with co-dominant leaders.

  • Enhance the lifespan of old or valuable trees.

  • Provide added stability while new trees build their root systems.


During TreeMedics' inspections, our highly qualified arborists will find any structural defects that put your trees and surroundings at risk. If a structural problem is present, they will advise you if a supplemental support system is needed, and if so, they will recommend the best system for the tree.

To reduce the possibility of splits from occurring in trees that have multiple or co-dominant leaders, bracing rods can be installed. Rigid braces are installed directly through the weak branches and trunks - either using a "through-rod" (where the rod is inserted through the trunk or branch and bolted with nuts on either side) or a "dead-end" brace (where the rod is threaded directly into the tree trunk or branch). The most stable support can be obtained with the combination of bracing rods and cabling.

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