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From tree assessments to emergency response services, TreeMedics LLC is dedicated to providing comprehensive tree care solutions that prioritize sustainability, safety, and the long-term health of school and country club landscapes.

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School & Country Club Services

TreeMedics LLC specializes in providing tailored tree preservation and organic plant health care services for schools and country clubs, drawing on over 35 years of expertise as certified arborists and master gardeners.


Offering comprehensive tree assessments, educational workshops, and proactive maintenance plans, TreeMedics empowers clients to cultivate thriving outdoor environments while fostering environmental stewardship and community engagement. With a commitment to sustainability and safety, TreeMedics ensures the long-term health and vitality of trees, enhancing the beauty, safety, and value of school campuses and country club landscapes alike.

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Here are some tailored services that we offer to schools and country clubs.


Tree Assessment and Inventory:

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of all trees on the school or country club property. Provide a detailed inventory report outlining the health, condition, and maintenance needs of each tree.

Pruning and Maintenance Workshops:

Organize workshops or training sessions for school staff, students, or club members to educate them about proper tree pruning techniques and maintenance practices. This empowers you to contribute to the health and longevity of the trees on the property.

Tree Planting Programs:

Collaborate with schools or clubs to develop tree planting initiatives. This could involve selecting appropriate tree species, organizing planting events, and providing guidance on proper planting techniques to ensure the long-term health of the new trees.

Organic Plant Health Care:

Offer organic plant health care services tailored to the specific needs of school campuses or country club grounds. This could include soil analysis, nutrient management, organic pest and disease control, and soil amendment programs to promote healthy tree growth without the use of harmful chemicals.

Tree Preservation Plans:

Develop customized tree preservation plans for schools and country clubs to protect and maintain their valuable tree assets. These plans would include recommendations for ongoing care, periodic inspections, and proactive measures to mitigate potential risks to tree health.

Emergency Response Services:

Provide prompt response and assistance in the event of storm damage or other tree-related emergencies on school or club properties. This ensures the safety of students, staff, and club members while minimizing damage to trees and property.

Educational Outreach Programs:

Partner with schools to integrate tree biology and conservation education into their curriculum. Offer interactive workshops, field trips, or educational materials to engage students in learning about the importance of trees and proper tree care practices.

Arborist Consultations:

Offer on-site consultations with certified arborists to assess tree health issues, provide recommendations for remedial action, and develop long-term management plans to optimize tree health and vitality.

Seasonal Maintenance Contracts:

Provide schools and country clubs with seasonal maintenance contracts for routine tree care tasks such as pruning, fertilization, mulching, and pest monitoring. This ensures that tree maintenance activities are performed regularly and in accordance with industry best practices.

Tree Risk Assessments:

Conduct tree risk assessments to identify potential hazards and liabilities associated with trees on school or club properties. Implement risk mitigation strategies such as pruning, cabling, or removal to minimize the risk of tree-related accidents or property damage.

TreeMedics LLC: Enhancing Tree Health for Schools and Country Clubs At TreeMedics LLC, we specialize in providing expert tree preservation and organic plant health care services tailored to the unique needs of schools and country clubs. With over 35 years of experience as certified arborists and master gardeners, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy trees to enhance the beauty, safety, and sustainability of outdoor environments. For schools, our services go beyond mere tree care — we offer educational workshops and curriculum integration to empower students and staff with the knowledge and skills to become stewards of their campus trees. From tree planting initiatives to pruning workshops, we engage the school community in fostering a culture of environmental awareness and conservation. For country clubs seeking to elevate their landscapes, our specialized tree preservation plans and maintenance contracts ensure that every tree on the property receives the attention it deserves. Whether it's enhancing the aesthetic appeal of golf courses or creating inviting outdoor spaces for members to enjoy, our organic plant health care approach promotes lush, vibrant trees without the use of harmful chemicals. With TreeMedics LLC as your trusted partner, schools and country clubs can: Improve safety and minimize liability by addressing tree health risks and hazards. Enhance property value and curb appeal through professional tree care and maintenance. Foster environmental stewardship and educational opportunities within their communities. Preserve the legacy of mature trees while promoting the growth of new, healthy specimens. Create inviting outdoor spaces that inspire learning, recreation, and relaxation. From tree assessments to emergency response services, TreeMedics LLC is dedicated to providing comprehensive tree care solutions that prioritize sustainability, safety, and the long-term health of school and country club landscapes. Let us help you cultivate thriving outdoor environments that leave a lasting impression on students, members, and visitors alike. Contact TreeMedics LLC today to schedule a consultation and discover how our tailored services can benefit your school or country club property.


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