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The Magic of Mycorrhizae: Fall is the Time to Partner with Fungi


As the leaves turn their vibrant colors and the air gets crisper, we are reminded that autumn is a season of change. But while most of us are captivated by the foliage above ground, another fascinating transformation is occurring below the soil: the incredible symbiosis between trees and mycorrhizal fungi. In this blog post, we will delve into the magical world of mycorrhizae, explore why autumn is an opportune time to encourage this partnership, and offer organic ways to foster these beneficial relationships in your own backyard.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Trees and Fungi

Mycorrhizal fungi are often considered the unsung heroes of the plant world. These tiny microorganisms form mutually beneficial partnerships with tree roots, creating a vast underground network that helps trees absorb water and nutrients more efficiently. The fungi receive much-needed sugars and carbohydrates from the tree in return, making it a true win-win relationship. During autumn, when trees are reallocating resources in preparation for winter, this mycorrhizal connection becomes even more crucial. The fungal network serves as an extension of the tree's root system, aiding in the storage of essential nutrients and water.

Why Autumn is the Ideal Time for Mycorrhizal Partnerships

One of the reasons fall is a great time to focus on mycorrhizae is the soil condition. The ground is often still warm from the summer months, allowing for continued root activity. On the other hand, the cooler air temperatures reduce stress on the trees, creating a favorable environment for mycorrhizal colonization. By introducing a mycorrhizal inoculant during this season, you offer a jump-start to these beneficial fungi. This boosts the trees’ nutrient absorption capabilities right before the winter months, equipping them with better resistance to disease and harsh weather conditions in the coming year.

Organic and Natural Approaches to Fostering Mycorrhizae

If you're like us and passionate about organic tree care, autumn is an excellent time to implement natural methods to promote mycorrhizal growth. One effective approach is the application of organic matter, such as compost or well-rotted manure, to your soil. These materials not only serve as a food source for the fungi but also improve the soil's water retention and overall structure. Avoid using chemical fertilizers high in phosphorus, as these can inhibit mycorrhizal formation. Instead, opt for organic, phosphorus-low fertilizers that encourage a thriving soil ecosystem beneficial to both trees and fungi.


Understanding the vital role that mycorrhizal fungi play in tree health is a step towards more holistic and sustainable tree care. This fall, take some time to consider the underground allies of your towering trees. By fostering these symbiotic relationships now, you prepare your trees for a healthier, more resilient future. So, while you're enjoying the beautiful fall colors above ground, remember that there's another, equally mesmerizing world right beneath your feet—one that's working diligently to keep your trees robust and full of life.

Thank you for reading, and here's to a fruitful partnership between you, your trees, and the magical world of mycorrhizae!

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