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Steps for Protecting Your Trees Against Storms

Typically, late summer storms are most active during September, when summer ends.

Trees can be adversely affected by severe weather events. Healthy trees have a much better chance of standing strong against the high winds and heavy rains that frequently blow through this area this time of year, even though the risk of failure is never zero.

The first step. Research is important.

There are different needs for different tree species. Due to their sensitivity to drought or high winds, some trees may have a disadvantage from the start. Make sure you know your tree's specific needs and preferred site conditions.

The second is. Roots need to be protected.

Did you know that soil compaction is one of the top stresses on urban trees? It is harder for surface water to penetrate the soil when it is compacted, and roots cannot get enough oxygen when the soil is compacted. Strong roots are essential to the health of your tree!

Keep heavy equipment and cars away from root zones to avoid soil compaction.